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Изучение русского языка


RUSSIAN as a foreign language

The Russian language is the treasure, power and beauty of Russia!

It is one of the world's richest and most expressive languages. Russian is also very emotional as it has a great number of prefixes and suffixes. It is also considered to be one of the most beautiful and melodious languages in the world. Many world-known masterpieces in literature were written in Russian.

By learning it you get a great opportunity to read books by Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Chekhov in the original. Perhaps you have already chosen Russia to be your next travel destination? A business trip? Or maybe your beloved one speaks Russian and you want to speak the same language with him (her)?


Some people believe that the Russian language can be hard to learn, but it’s not really true. Here are some facts to prove it:

  • Almost all words can be sounded out as they are written.
  • Russian has one letter to one sound.
  • Russian doesn’t use complicated sentence structures. In fact there is no strict word order in a sentence.
  • Russian has only 3 tenses: Present, Past and Future.
  • Russian doesn’t use articles at all!

Whether you have decided to learn the basics of the Russian language or become a fluent Russian speaker, it is quick and easy to do it with us!

At LANFE School we go much further than simply studying the Russian language, we dip you in our culture and traditions and help you discover Russia from inside!

Let’s start learning Russian now! Here are some Russian letters:

У — pronounced like the [u:] in "mood"
Д — pronounced like the [d] in "day"
A — pronounced like the [ʌ] in "sun"
Ч — pronounced like the [ʧ] in "chance"
И — pronounced like the [ɪ] in "big"

And now you can read the word: УДАЧИ! [u: d ʌ ʧ ɪ]

It means “Good luck!”

Добро пожаловать! WELCOME to LANFE!